The Raven
Director: Ricardo de Montreuil
Stars: 8.0
Score: 43.00
The Raven is a short film (I mean extremely short, it’s barely six minutes with credits) created for around $5,000. As an independent short, it’s amazingly well done, and is a testament to what can be done with a little bit of technological prowess, and a great idea.

The film reads like a vignette of a longer piece, and if I had been told that it was simply the first five minutes of a full length feature, I would have immediately sat down to watch that feature. The film is placed in a futuristic police state in Los Angeles, where police patrols are conducted by unmanned drones, walking tanks, and flying fortresses, that will shoot suspects (or anyone else) on sight. In the short, they’re all chasing The Raven, a young man whose special powers presumably make him a threat to the police state regime.

It’s a great premise, and so superbly put together that it’s no wonder there’s studio buzz. I look forward to a full length big budget adaptation/continuation of the short. As far as a dystopian film, the police state element, with the readiness to kill suspects and citizens alike, makes the film an instant fit. I’m not as sure how I feel about the mystical/mutant/alien powers of The Raven. They aren’t explained, so it’s hard to decide one way or the other. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the full length, but how much I enjoy it may depend on whether the police state is just a backdrop, or a focal point of the film.

Review Date: 2011-01-02

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