Johnny Mnemonic
Director: Robert Longo
Stars: 7.0
Score: 71.00
Before Neo and the Matrix, there was Johnny Mnemonic, brianchild of William Gibson. Johnny is a data mule whose head has been overloaded to the point that he’ll die if he can’t get the data out.

I know that many, Gibson included, have derided the very term cyberpunk, but this film is part of what defines the term for me. It’s just off into a future that doesn’t seem that far fetched, it’s techie to a fault, and it has fun with itself. Besides Keanu Reeves, it also stars Ice-T and Henry Rollins, among others. Johnny Mnemonic is not a drama for the ages, it’s not the second coming of Gone With The Wind or Ben Hur, but it is a damn fun film, and I think quite a good film too.

This film isn’t about some grand overthrow of society, or some desolate apocalyptic world. Johnny Mnemonic is about a gradual slide into oblivion, in the tradition of Neuromancer, Gibson’s opening opus. Johnny Mnemonic is a true cyberpunk dystopian film, dealing with mankind’s destructive love for and obsession with technology, all the while celebrating the very tech that threatens to enslave us, through sentience or not. It is somewhere between the gritty desolation of Blade Runner, and the horrible subservience of the Matrix. I personally recommend it as a well thought out film that’s also fun to watch.

Review Date: 2010-07-15

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