Director: Neil Marshall
Stars: 6.5
Score: 110.50
Doomsday is another one of those movies that may not stand the test of time, because it does seem to be more style than substance, but it was fun to watch. The movie is essentially the genetic offspring of Escape from New York and Mad Max, with a plague, and a sexier lead thrown in for good measure.

Scotland is quarantined following the outbreak of a deadly, unstoppable plague. Fast forward some years to London, ruled by a near fascist Prime Minister. When the Reaper virus makes a comeback, outside the quarantine zone, a team of specialists is sent into Scotland to try and find a missing scientist there that may have found a cure. The team is lead by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), one of the last uninfected to escape from Scotland when it was sealed off. In Scotland, they discover that the long lost scientist is now a local tyrant (Malcolm McDowell), his minions have resorted to cannibalism (despite the presence of cattle throughout the countryside), and otherwise dress and drive vehicles that would fit right into The Road Warrior.

Plot-wise there are a lot of holes, such as the cattle vs. cannibalism question above, the car that sits dormant for 30 years and works perfectly, the amazing ocular implant that only Sinclair has. And if I think about it for awhile, probably more. But it is a stylish movie, and is fun to watch, and covers so many different types of dystopian themes: plague, totalitarian, cyberpunk, desolation, destruction. Worth a watch

Review Date: 2010-06-14

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