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Theory-based musings on the place of dystopian film within the cultural spectrum of media communications.

The Days of a Future Past

I always enjoy it when a specific future date from a movie comes to pass in the real world. It’s fascinating to consider the predicted future against the reality of the modern time. Many films have projected themselves so far … Continue reading

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We Did it to Ourselves: The Root Cause Doctrine

One of the keys to unlocking the dystopian ethos can be found in what I will call the root cause doctrine. Within any dystopian film, regardless of the sub-genre, there is a point either within the film or within the film’s history where something went wrong. That is, there is a problem which has given rise to the dystopian world which we are viewing. Simply put, the root cause doctrine is concerned with the assignation of blame for that problem. Continue reading

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What is Dystopian? A Note on Classification

In the last 120 years of filmmaking, literally hundreds of thousands of films have been made. Out of that vast ocean of material, we’re considering a few hundred films as constituting… what? A genre? Not necessarily. The beauty of the dystopian film is that it need not be confined to a single genre. Could it be comedy, horror, drama, action, thriller, sci-fi? Absolutely. Continue reading

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